e-Commerce with
Conversational AI

Glov gives online stores a chat experience that feels like talking to a top salesperson, designed just for e-Commerce.



Conversion Rate Growth with direct and intuitive shopping dialogues.



Less  Abanadonment. Deeper customer engagement with nurturing, fruitful conversations.



Conversations per month. Consistently deliver precise and trustworthy assistance.

Glov Conversational Shopping AI

Glov enables eCommerce players to swiftly deploy conversational shopping AI assistants for natural and insightful customer dialogues

Unlock AI Conversations

Add Glov's Conversational Assistant to your site, mimicking a skilled salesperson by knowledgeably addressing customer queries and understanding their needs

Conversational Product Discovery

Prepare your product catalogue for natural language search and exploration, facilitating conversations that assist customers in their search.

Proactive Sales Dialogues

Use Glov Dialogue Flow for straightforward labeling to tailor sales dialogues that align with your business needs.

Precise Intent Recognition

Train your shopping AI quickly with Glov's auto-labeling feature using few labeled conversations to grasp customer intent in queries and inquiries

Long-term Customer Memory

Keep a record of your customer preferences over time, aiding in personalized communication and recommendations.

Vivense increased conversion by 11% and gained 1,150 new shoppers in 30 days with GLOV

Sinem Saydam

Growth Marketing

Activate Glov in Three Easy Steps​


Enable AI-powered Discovery

Feed your product catalogue and FAQ documents into Glov.


Connect with your interface

Use Glov API for chat message exchange or use our pre-packaged interface.


Attach custom functions

Configure custom functions for function calls to address delivery status inquiries and more.


Make it easy for your shoppers to find what they are looking for, hassle-free and instantly.

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Understanding Conversational Shopping AI

Dive deeper into how Conversational Shopping AI offers unprecedented customer engagement and driving substantial revenue growth

Why Choose Glov?

Exclusively Built for eCommerce

Glov specializes in eCommerce, providing unmatched functionalities such as conversational product discovery and precise intent recognition


Glov features built-in A/B testing and targeting capabilities, optimizing for high incremental revenues.

End-to-End Solution

Glov handles all necessary data, including chat conversations in the cloud, and manages modelling work in-house, providing a complete solution.

Seamless Integration

Connect your data and call the Glov API to integrate effortlessly.

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