Unlock your hidden sales potential with Glov’s AI supervised mini-robots. Trained on millions of Shoppers, Glov creates proven revenue increase.

Mini-Robots driving buy decisions

Glov mini-robots make shopping easier, they are market-tested and ready to go. No cold start here!

Supervised with powerful commerce AI

Glov trained mini-robots on millions of shopping events and continues to improve everyday.

Creating proven revenue increase

We prove our revenue increase with airtight sales attribution. You see results on your own analytics reports.

Offering pay for incremental performance

You only pay if we perform. Just a fraction of incremental sales. Absolutely no risk for your business.

Meet our mini-robots

Copy ReWriter

Glov rewrites high converting product titles and descriptions for select audiences.

Social Badger

Nudge your shoppers with the product badging that delivers more revenue with real-time, adaptive ecommerce AI.

Screen View Optimizer

Offer the the optimum layout for Listing and Detail views, targeted for Mobile and Desktop across your product categories. 

Ongoing Mini-Robot Innovation

Get our new mini-robots every month, directly delivered to your site with no hassle.

Vivense increased conversion by 11% and gained 1,150 new buyers in 30 days with GLOV

Sinem Saydam

Growth Marketing

We identify your visitors with enriched data

The Glov Behavior Graph automatically uncovers correlations and identifies causative factors that impact conversions. 

Fast & No SDK Integration​

Add 1-Line Script

Google Tag Manager or in the Page Source

Connect Analytics

Add our flag to analytics tool you have

Optimize your site without code

Use our visual editor to add/edit the mini-robots on your site, regardless of how your site was created. 

See outcomes in your Analytics Tool

You will see how our mini-robots are performing with our hold-out testing and analytics dashboard.

Find out about our FREE PILOT program

Get our mini-robots that are already trained on other shopping environments with millions of shoppers

Want to know how much GLOV could help your business?

We’ll create a demo for your site and show you how Glov can dramatically increase your conversion. 

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